Laws of Attraction – Finding the Perfect Partner


Do you feel you are picking the same type of partner over and over again? You thought this was the one, this was my perfect partner, my soulmate. As the days and months go by, you find that although they may look different on the outside, they tend to have the same personalities and even some of the same issues as you learn about them.

I have worked with hundreds of individuals through my years of practice that come in and the first thing they say is “ I think after telling you my history it may be me who keeps picking the wrong individual.” It is true! There are many reasons why we choose who we decide to date, live with or marry. Most of us don’t even realize that most of it is on a subconscious level. Sometimes, it is because this person is familiar and comfortable, for example – the individual who does not realize until later in the dating process the person has an addiction, is abusive, does not want to commit, selfish, too nice, does not have money, has money but is controlling and the list goes on.

Sometimes it is due to our family of origin and what we were told and saw growing up. So now it’s time for you to pick the person that is right for you as you also realize what you are carrying with you, your baggage, and letting it go. This audio is for adults and can be listened to at anytime. The more you listen, the more your subconscious will help to bring what you need to the surface. Now is the time to change your life and find that perfect mate for you.

Audio Preview:


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