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Health anxiety is when you worry too much about your health. This can include individuals with anxiety disorders, obsessive compulsive disorder, somatization disorder in which an anxious person presents with physical symptoms such as headaches, stomachaches, and other physical ailments and hypochondriasis – a condition in which a person fears the worst possible illness. There are also people who are anxious about taking medication and will read every side effect which makes them more fearful. Reading on the internet is not a bad idea if you have the facts about what you may be diagnosed with; however, I have found in my practice that when a person has health anxiety, they will tend to be anxious in general and will look at symptoms that they may be experiencing and diagnosing themselves. A spot on their skin can mean cancer. A headache may mean a tumor.

I had a patient that showed me a toe that was completely black. He knew for sure that his toe was going to have to be amputated and got his bag ready to go to the hospital for surgery. As he gained knowledge by going to a podiatrist, he was told the black was dried blood and lint from his carpet. It ended up to be an infection and he took antibiotics which cleared it right up. He went from high anxiety of having gangrene to an infection. A lot of people wait before seeking medical attention. It is best to gain the knowledge you need rather than avoid doctors and allow your mind to go to the extremes. This audio helps to find a better balance about your health, to not catastrophize, to let go of irrational fears and to live a normal life without the worry about your health.

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