Conquer Your Fear of Heights


Fear of heights is a very common phobia and, in the UK, studies have shown it is the second-highest ranked phobia behind only a fear of spiders. Fear of heights is considered a natural fear and all of us are born with a fear of heights. As an evolutionary factor, fear of heights has been part of our protection and defense in all human beings. If we did not learn to have a fear of heights, humans would have walked right off cliffs.

The problem lies when this natural fear becomes extreme and can stop us from enjoying life. The cause can come from different places, including a traumatic event or watching someone who has fallen from a certain height. The symptoms include vertigo, dizziness, panic, clutching to someone, complete avoidance of a place and intense fear of climbing up or going down or being at a certain height. Hypnosis works wonderfully to release that fear and enjoy activities that you have wanted to participate in, but the fear was too great.

How many times have you waited for family or friends to climb a lighthouse, take a nature trail that included walking up an incline, got out of a car so someone else could drive over a bridge or could not go on a ride with your child or friends? How many times were you excluded from events that included heights? If fear of heights has kept you from enjoying sightseeing and feeling excluded then maybe it is time to do something about it. Now is the time. Seize the moment and enjoy life.

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