Overcome Your Fear of Flying


Have you missed family gatherings or an event due to fear of flying? Have you made reservations only to end up cancelling them? Has the fear of flying affected your relationships? Has an event during a flight caused the fear of flying? Has an event you saw on the media increase your fear of flying? There are so many reasons why people have a fear of flying. What is yours? Possibly not trusting the crew and pilot? Possibility of plane malfunctions? Feelings of flying over water? Feeling out of control of the situation?

Whatever the reason why the fear, isn’t it time you let go of the irrational thinking about flying? Most people already know the statistics that you are more likely to be injured from car accidents than from flying. However, when we start to anticipate what may happen or what I call “the what ifs,” then our mind begins to go into irrational mode and we get stuck and paralyzed in that fear.

This audio is to be listened to as much as you can prior to making a trip. Conditioning yourself by listening to the audio eliminates those fears. I recommend you take the audio on the plane to listen to as well. So sit back, buckle your seatbelt and get ready to overcome your fear of flying.

Audio Preview:


*Note: Please do NOT, under any circumstances, listen to our hypnosis audio downloads while driving.

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