Erection Anxiety


Most men will at some point have difficulty with erections. It is not always age that is the culprit. I see men in my office of all ages who are dealing with erection issues. Before you listen to this audio I recommend, as I do in my office, prior to the person’s first appointment that they have a complete checkup. There are physical reasons why a man may not be able to get an erection or maintain an erection. Here are just a few: medications, childhood illnesses, surgeries in or around the genital area, steroid/drug and alcohol addiction and radiation/chemotherapy treatments.

If it is psychological, here are a few of the reasons that can cause erection difficulties and this audio will be for you: childhood issues related to sexuality, anxiety about inability to achieve an erection, a situation that may have occurred with a partner that left you limp, your partner’s response to the loss of erection, fears and worries that have caused a vicious cycle, new to the dating world after a long term relationship and more.

Audio Preview:


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