Clear Your Mind of Chatter


How often does your negative voice go round and round in your head? From my couch, here are just a few of the phrases my clients have said when working with chatter – negative thoughts, or, our inner critic.

“You will never amount to anything”
“You better go on your looks because you have no brain”
“You will be nothing without me”
“It’s better if you just get married because you are not that smart for continuing education” (This was actually said by my third-grade teacher because I am left handed and I was slapped with a ruler to become right handed. Needless to say, I went on to finish high school and continued my education. I am still left handed).

“What if this doesn’t work out”, “What if I will never meet anyone”, “What if I can’t make it on my own”, “What if I can’t get pregnant”, and the list goes on.

This audio is great for people who are worriers, have a difficult time shutting down your mind, have panic attacks, anxiety, fears, listens to their inner critic, have difficulty letting go of past events, present situations and for those who tend to be negative thinkers. So go ahead, don’t worry about it not working; just think about how wonderful it will be when your mind is clear. The more you listen the more your mind will become conditioned to thinking in the present moment and let go of negative chatter.

Audio Preview:


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